Making your products available to all

Together we can define your needs and build solutions to meet them.

Do you need a new application or to scale your old one? We can make your data work harder, more efficiently, for you - so that you can have more control & visibility over your market.

Digital Architecture

We develop highly customised, large scale, dynamic web applications & services which enable you to have more power, more insight into your customer base.

We want to help you to connect to your customers, and to make that connection more valuable at the same time.

Code Review and Optimisation

We can test your existing code to ensure it is optimal, stable, scalable & secure.

We aim to maximize efficiencies for both software & developers and to reduce vulnerable code prone to bugs or security loopholes that would otherwise reduce or prohibit scalability.

Active Mentoring and Coaching

We can provide support and training to your existing team or build a new one where and if necessary.

We work side-by-side with your developers, walking through code and examples to convey optimal solutions and maintain scalability.

Ongoing Support

We deliver production-ready solutions and ensure a stable transition into the new environment - both for your business and your customers.

We offer support until it is no longer required, by actively resolving issues and fixing bugs during and after the completion of the initial build phase.

Why choose Cognaught

We are well versed in the various puzzle pieces, how they need to flex and scale and fit together and which ones are likely to disappear or evolve in the future while planning for that.

We excel at creating a premium digital customer experience for our clients.

We understand that your end goal extends beyond any initial customer interactions or communications, so we align our ongoing research & system-architecture design expertise with your company's vision.

Supporting the evolution of your customer's digital experience with your business.

We build  great scalable robust secure reliable great  production ready software.

We build exceptional systems and a wide range of data-driven solutions.

From mobile apps to web based administration tools, backend workers/processes and hosting & network solutions.

Administration Tools

So you've got your website and you've got people using it. But can you manage it?
Are you in need of a custom built administration interface where you can mange the finer details of your products and services?

We can do that for you.

High Quality Apps & Services

We build Apps that can scale,
Apps that achieve your business requirements - and we do it well.
Most of what we build is custom typed solutions, however we often leverage tools like Amazon's AWS API for powerful services such as messaging & notifications so that you can communicate better with your customers.


That's just the bread and butter really - We write most of our solutions in NodeJS, building out interactive UI's in a reactive ecosystem with a remote API's &/or serverless cloud functions handling the data and serving your solutions with JSON payloads.

Bespoke Solutions

At Cognaught we can make a project work according to requirements of the problem at hand.
Whether it's scaling your existing systems or just making them work harder, or even architecting an entirely new suite of applications & services working seamlessly together.

We can work with you to discover & establish what best fits as your solution.

Network, Security, What!?...

We like to get down and dirty within the layers that lie beyond what can be seen.
The internet is essential to running a business, but the constant news of security breaches is alarming. That's why we stay current on the latest security threats and methods of countering them.

((( Infiltration Testing, Secure Firewalled Networking, Load Testing, Load Balancing & Redundancy Management )))

Team Management and Consulting

As part of our consulting relationships we commonly manage teams, train developers and liaise with clients.
Companies regularly find our methodology invaluable as we bridge the often-difficult language gap between parties respectively.
Recruitment can be a daunting task in this field as it's often necessary for non-technical managers to try and assess the capacity & competency of a technical mind.
We can assist you with your Talent Acquisition needs.

Mobile Optimisation is a Must

Your customers expect to find you on their mobile devices.

If they don't?   You're invisible .

We build websites and native mobile apps that look great on mobile devices
If you want to take things to the next level - talk with us today to discuss your project

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